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Have you ever ordered catnip cat toys and when they arrived your cat went wild for the tissue paper they came in? Well, that’s exactly how this fun treat for kitties was developed! The folks at Cocktails & Meows have packaged colorful tissue paper that’s been infused with organic catnip and silvervine for kitties to roll on, hide under, attack and have a blast with.

Each package comes with 12 sheets of 20″ x 30″ infused tissue in a variety of color combos, plus a little sachet of silvervine that you can use to refresh the paper as needed. This is some of the best catnip and silvervine around and it’s guaranteed to drive your cat wild!


The infused tissue packs are available from, and while you’re there, checkout their catnip and silvervine kickers that inspired the tissue paper idea, and if your cat can’t get enough of the silvervine, they also sell a tin with three little packets of silvervine powder.

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