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PetFusion has a whole family of contemporary climbers that will keep your cat active while fitting seamlessly with your decor. Each of these ingenious climbers is designed to take up minimal space, making it easy to Catify your home.

Window Climbing Perch & Scratcher

Give kitty a comfy window lookout and a sturdy sisal scratcher with PetFusion’s Window Climbing Perch. Measuring 45″ tall, the top perch attaches securely to the glass with three extra large suction cups.  Cats can even climb the scratching pole and access the top platform via a cutaway corner.

Cat Activity Wall Shelves

PetFusion’s Cat Activity Wall Shelves include three wall-mounted shelves that let you create a variety of custom configurations. One 8″ x 8″ step and two 18″ x 8″ shelves, one with a passthrough hole, attach with hidden hardware to any wall. Shelves can be mounted at an angle to create a ramp. Two shelves have non-slip sisal scratching pads and one has a plush mat.

Climbing Tower & Activity Tree

And for the ultimate climbing experience, PetFusion’s Climbing Tower & Activity Tree offers 76.8″ of height and two platforms with plush cushioned pads. The top of the tree attaches to the wall for extra stability while maintaining a small footprint. Sturdy sisal-wraped posts let kitty scratch and climb.

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