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Getting your cat into a carrier can cause huge amounts of stress for both you and your cat. I know that when I have a vet appointment for certain cats of mine, I anticipate getting them into the carrier for days, stressing out just thinking about it, and when the times comes, they can sense my stress, which makes it makes it much more difficult to get them to cooperate. Sound familiar?

The new Calm Carrier from Van Ness Pets offers an innovative solution that can help mitigate the anxiety of getting your cat into the carrier. A unique, patented drawer slides out, allowing you to easily place your cat in the drawer, slide it closed, and lock it securely with a one-handed latch. I was shocked at how easy it was to put even some of my most stressed out cats into this carrier!

The Calm Carrier is made of plastic with curved inside corners for easy cleaning and it has a sturdy handle on top. There is a barrier at the back of the drawer that prevents cats from jumping out the back of the drawer and into the carrier housing before the drawer is closed. It’s really all very well-thought out.

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