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Nina Ottosson has teamed up with Petstages and Outward Hound to create two fantastic new treat puzzles for cats. These are the perfect way to challenge your cat, providing mental and physical stimulation. Cats use their keen sense of smell to explore their environment and hunt for food. Treat puzzles engage cats while encouraging them to eat at a slower pace.

We got to test the new Nina Ottosson treat puzzles for cats and they are some of the most engaging puzzles we’ve ever tried. They are brilliantly designed with pieces that swivel and slide, encouraging cats to use their paws and nose to forage for the rewards hidden underneath. Each puzzle has a different difficulty level. Bugging’ Out (above) is an intermediate skill level with sliding pegs and swiveling treat covers. It’s colorful and cute, shaped like a giant leaf with abstract ladybugs. All the cats were immediately fascinated with it.

The Rainy Day Puzzle & Play is a more advanced skill level with an added wheel that spins to reveal hidden treat cups below. This one is definitely more difficult, especially the wheel part, great for extra curious cats.

Treat puzzles like these tap into a cat’s natural instincts  to hunt for small prey. Because they use their sense of smell to locate the treats, you want to use something that is extra fragrant. Also, you may not want your cat snacking on junk food as she engages with the puzzle toy. Well, we have the perfect treat for you to use with your Nina Ottosson treat puzzle!

Hauspanther Freeze-dried Raw Cat Treats are proving to be quite enticing for cats. They have a strong aroma that cats love, plus they provide top quality raw nutrition in a safe, freeze-dried form that is perfect for using in a treat puzzle. I would recommend the chicken liver treats because some of the pieces in the bag are smaller and fit very well in the compartments of the puzzle.

Nina Ottosson Treat Puzzles for Cats are available from Amazon and and Hauspanther Freeze-dried Raw Cat Treats are available from

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