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The future is here! I’ve seen a lot of high-tech litter boxes, but the new Space Kotty might be the most advanced yet. Space Kotty is brought to you by the folks at MyKotty, who are dedicated to making beautiful and functional cat products. This space-age litter box is packed with features that help you monitor your cat’s health while managing the litter box with style.

This litter box makes the most of available technology, from weight and activity monitoring to odor elimination and sanitation, even a patented system for litter refill ordering. This very creative video outlines all the features with some humor to brighten your day:

Space Kotty uses RFID technology in conjunction with your cat’s microchip implant or an RFID tag that can be worn on a collar, to track which cat is entering and exiting the unit. It tracks the cat’s weight and behavior in the litter box, sending updates directly to your mobile device so you can make a vet appointment if something is unusual.

Space Kotty is generously sized, measuring 21″ tall by 21″ wide by 32″ deep. It can be used as an enclosed litter box, semi-enclosed or open by simply removing the door or the front bubble. The large opening makes it easy to scoop with the litter scoop that is conveniently stored inside the box. A handle and wheels make it easy to move the box around.

As far as odor control and sanitation go, Space Kotty has some powerful features to handle those issues. It has a silent fan with an activated carbon filter plus a UV-C germicidal light that neutralizes viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi, sterilizing the box and eliminating odors. The light is only activated when your cat is outside the box and the door is closed.

If you want to go cordless, Space Kotty has an optional battery power supply that comes with two rechargeable batteries each providing uninterrupted power for eight to ten days before needing to be recharged. Space Kotty will also monitor when the litter is low and automatically order refills for you, or you can choose to use your own litter.

This is quite simply the most advanced litter box I’ve seen and you can score some major savings by supporting their Kickstarter. The Space Kotty will retail for $599 US but you can save up to 50% with their Kickstarter rewards. Visit the Space Kotty Kickstarter page to see the options. Space Kotty is expected to ship in March 2021. Rewards do not include shipping costs, except for the customized Individual level.

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