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Did you know that feeding with raised bowls not only protects a cat’s neck and joints but also provides a more comfortable eating posture? This is especially true for older cats. Well, if you want to feed your cat in style and comfort, this is the best option! It’s the Two-bowl Raised Cat Feeder from Catswall Design, one of our all-time favorite cat feeders. Not only is it sleek and stylish, but it is incredibly functional, too. The frame is made from strong ABS plastic with a weighted base and non-slip rubber feet. The cat shaped handle makes it easy to pick-up and carry. Two stainless steel bowls are dishwasher safe and the base has a channel that makes it ant-proof.

The Catswall Raised Cat Feeder is available from in yellow, pink, purple and turquoise. Now through May 30, if you purchase a Catswall raised feeder you’ll receive a coupon for 20% off any item in your next order from!

*FTC Disclosure: The manufacturer sent us a complimentary sample of this product for review.