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This is an exciting moment in the world of cat product design! Today the new HabiKatt modern modular cat tree from BeOneBreed launches on Kickstarter and it is a game changer! I said something similar when the previous version, the Katt3, launched, because the team at BeOneBreed really knows cats and design, and they have definitely taken it to a new level with this re-design.

The HabiKatt is similar to the Katt3, built on a cube design that you attach together to create a totally customizable cat tree that fits your space, budget and your cat’s needs. Based on advice from Katt3 customers, BeOneBreed made some significant improvements to the design. First, the cubes are larger, a full 15″, something many cat owners requested. The cubes are easier to assemble and every side has a large opening. HabiKatt comes with solid and grid-style faux wood panels that can be placed on any side of the cube to create more privacy for your cat. Each kit also comes with a paper rope scratcher that is used as a support and a jute scratcher that fits on any corner of a cube, as well as two machine washable memory foam mats. The cubes fit together with two-part connectors that can also be use to hang toys. These improvements are fantastic!

What I love most about the HabiKatt is that it isn’t a carpet covered monstrosity. Instead, it’s easy to clean and it’s something that you would actually want to have in your home. The new cubes are dark grey and made from recycled plastic, plus the paper scratcher is dye free and packaging is compact, all part of BeOneBreed’s commitment to sustainability. And great news! If you already have the Katt3, those pieces are compatible with the new HabiKatt! They can be easily connected to each other even though the cubes are slightly different sizes, the holes for the connectors line up.

Save on Kickstarter!

Starting today, you can order the new HabiKatt on Kickstarter and score some big savings, plus you’ll be helping BeOneBreed make the HabiKatt a reality! Please visit the HabiKatt Kickstarter page to see all the rewards. I can’t wait for these to be available!

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