Since face masks have become the newest fashion accessory, of course I went in search of some with cat style for you! I’m by no means an infectious disease specialists, so please do your research on the style of mask, proper use and potential effectiveness for any of these against COVID-19. As with other posts I’ve been doing, these are all made by individual artisans who could really use your support right now!

Above: Reusable Cat Fabric Face Masks from

Maneki Neko Cat Fabric Cotton Face Masks from Miccu

Cotton Cat Fabric Face Mask with Organic Fabric Lining from Yaya Handmade

Cat Print Cotton Face Mask from Original Caps Co

Cat Fabric Face Masks from Mimi Catworks

Contoured Cat Fabric Face Mask from Sassy Dog Fashions

Clockwise from left:

Rainbow Cats Fabric Face Mask from The Raver Kitty Store

. . .

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