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My trip down the rabbit hole in search of cat-themed bathroom decor lead me to this fanciful find for a problem that I didn’t know could be solved. You know those ugly plastic caps that hide the bolts holding your toilet to the floor? They always fall off or they get gross and deteriorate really fast — or your cat steals them to use as toys. Well, here’s an invention that covers them up with adorable little ceramic sculptures in the shape of a cat!

Jewels for the Loo replace the cheap and boring plastic bolt caps, adding a unique and fun improvement to your toilet. They are easy to install and remove as needed for cleaning, plus they are more durable than the plastic covers. Add a touch of “art in an unexpected place”!

Jewels for the Loo come in several different glaze colors plus tons of other designs, but of course, the cat is my favorite! Available from the Jewels for the Loo Etsy shop.

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