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Pretty much every cat owner, myself included, has been faced with the dreaded toilet paper shredding that our cats find so entertaining. We need a way to keep the toilet paper handy but protected. I’ve been searching for a stylish solution to this dilemma for awhile and came across these possibilities for cat-proof toilet paper holders.

First, we have this wall-mounted toilet paper holder from Karyhome. It has a simple, modern look and keeps the roll safely inside, but in order to access the paper when you need it, a small amount still needs to hang down, which the industrious feline will still be able to grab and pull. Available in white or silver on

Here’s a round toilet paper holder from JunSun that also has a modern aesthetic. Looks like this one might be easier to tuck the end of the toilet paper roll inside and then lift the lid to access as needed. The round shape might also deter cats from climbing on it. Also available on

And finally, with a more traditional gold-finish, this covered toilet paper dispenser from Uxcell might also help conceal the end, deterring cats from grabbing the TP and running off with it. Available on

I will have to try one of these and see how it works!

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