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One of our favorite manufacturers of unique cat furniture, Catastrophic Creations, just announced exciting changes to their popular wall-mounted cat climbing system! What they are calling the “third generation” of cat hammocks, bridges, shelves, feeders and accessories has been meticulously engineered to be stronger and more versatile. The new collection has a more refined design, along with many functional upgrades–and it’s around 15% less expensive than their previous collections!

The third generation furniture is made from bamboo, a more sustainable alternative to hardwood that is incredibly strong, allowing the new design to be thinner and sleeker. Bamboo also has the added benefit of being more durable and water-resistant. This means the new pieces can be used outdoors, perfect for use in a catio.

Catastrophic Creations cat furniture mounts to the wall with a hidden bracket, now with an additional mounting point underneath the shelf, creating a more solid connection to the wall. The new cat hammocks have been tested to hold up to 120 lbs. That’s incredible!

Every section of the furniture can be easily removed and replaced, including sisal pole sections and climbing pads. The bamboo is available in three finishes: Onyx, English Chestnut and Natural.

Another fantastic improvement to the new collection is that the top surfaces are rough-sanded to increase traction when cats jump on and off, while the sides and bottoms are fine-sanded for a clean, finished look.

I am incredibly impressed with the attention to detail that Catastrophic Creations has given to this new line of cat furniture. They have come a long way from where they started and they did that by testing products with actual cats, listening to their customers and integrating feedback into new designs. Bravo! This is what I would love to see from every cat furniture manufacturer.

Please visit to create your own custom climbing system with the new Gen 3 collection!

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