Holiday Edition Cat Ball Hideaway Cat Beds

It’s time to start thinking about whether your cat has been naughty or nice this year! The Cat Ball® has two fantastic holiday creations for whatever you decide. For the sweet kitties, we have a beautiful white velvet Snowball Cat Ball® and for the feisty felines a black velvet Lump of Coal Cat Ball®. Both with luxurious soft faux fur trim and a cotton lining, either will be a true treat for your cat this season.

There are also two new Holiday Edition Cat Canoe® Cat Beds, the Winter Snowflake and the Christmas Calico. Jeremiah Beandip is modeling the Cat Canoe® above, and I had to actually take him out of the bed to switch colors because he loved it so much and wanted to stay in it all day.

If you’re looking for something that your cat can enjoy year-round, we also have several new Cat Ball® styles as well as non-holiday Cat Canoes® and even a few Jumbo Cat Canoes® for the larger kitties out there. Check out all the Cat Ball® products in the Hauspanther online store!