I know a lot of readers were excited about the CatScapes climbing system during their Kickstarter campaign, which raised a lot of funds but not quite enough to start manufacturing. They have since quite ingeniously revamped the system to make the first production run much more achievable, bringing the project one big step closer to becoming a reality!

The innovative CatScapes hinge-bracket, which is at the heart of this modular cat climbing system, is now being made from metal, where the original design was plastic and required expensive tooling. The new metal bracket has the same functionality, allowing you to attach one, two or three shelves to a single “hub” in order to completely customize your climbing wall. I love the look of the new metal brackets!

In order to make the final push to get CatScapes into the hands of cat lovers everywhere, they are currently pre-selling both the brackets and shelves with special introductory pricing. The brackets are being manufactured already and are anticipated to arrive in time for the holidays, but please order both your shelves and brackets now, this will help them meet the minimum order to start manufacturing and delivering the shelves as soon as possible.


The CatScapes online store is now open for you to purchase the shelves and brackets. You may remember, CatScapes comes in three kits: 1) Standard, 2) Standard-Plus and 3) Deluxe. In order to purchase a full kit, you will need to order BOTH the bracket set and the corresponding shelf set. The shelves come with removable carpet pads, and the bracket sets include all of the required hardware for assembly and installation.

Introductory pricing will only be offered through 10/14/19

Here are some of the configurations you can make with each of the kits, or combine multiple kits to create a mega-catscape!