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Window perches are such an important piece of environmental enrichment for cats, I’m always looking for new ways to create cozy spots for cats to look outside. Up until now I’ve seen cat window perches that attach to the window with suction cups, some that attach to the windowsill and others that attach to the wall under the window. There are also window perches that sit on the ground in front of the window. Each of these have their pros and cons — you can worry about stability with the suction cup attachment, the floor perches can be big and bulky, and windowsills all vary in size and design so those might not work for you. Well, Pet Fusion has, once again, proven their leadership in innovation with a completely new kind of cat window perch that combines a few features to create an attractive and functional piece.

The new Ultimate Cat Window Perch from Pet Fusion combines the suction cup mounted idea with the floor standing cat perch/climber idea. This perch has a sturdy base with a tall sisal wrapped column supporting a generously sized perch on top. The overall piece is not bulky because it gets its stability by attaching the top perch to a window with three large, high-quality suction cups. This configuration creates a sturdy lookout as well as a tall sisal scratcher and a climber.

Another really nice feature is the cutaway on the top platform that allows cats to climb up the pole and onto the platform. When you assemble the perch, you can attach the top platform using one of two different holes, making it easier or more challenging for your cat to reach the platform.

As usual, Pet Fusion has thought about all the details. The perch comes with a soft plush pad that attaches to the top platform, plus you can purchase replacement sections of the sisal wrapped pole as they become worn. When fully assembled, the perch measures 44″ tall, but I believe you could assemble it with just two of the three pole sections for a shorter window, then you’d have an extra pole section for replacement use.

Per Fusion is currently offering special introductory pricing on the new window perch! This price will only be available for a limited time! Available from

Pet Fusion sent us a window perch to test. The only regular window we have in our house already has a permanent window perch attached to it, so we set it up in front of one of our sliding glass doors, just to test it out, and it works beautifully. Pico de Gato approves.

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