Katris Nest Cardboard Cat Lounge Scratcher

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The designers over at Katris have done it again! They have a brand new invention that completely redefines the use of cardboard for cat products. The new Katris Nest is an innovative cat lounge and scratcher that’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

The Katris folks really do know cardboard. They created the original Katris Modular Cat Climbing System as well as the Katris Lynks, both adored by cats around the world. This new product literally turns cardboard on its side, using folded pieces of heavy duty cardboard vertically, which creates a sturdy but flexibly surface that cats love to rub on. Each individual piece flexes when cats lean and rub on them, giving your cat a little massage. This structure also allows air to flow around your cat when she is lounging in the Nest, keeping her cool during warmer weather.

The Katris Next is a spacious 19″ diameter and 4.3″ deep. The middle of the Nest has a replaceable cardboard scratch pad, or you can cover the cardboard scratcher with the included felt pad for softer lounging.

Save on Kickstarter!

The Katris Nest is now available at a discount on Kickstarter. You can order one fully assembled at a discounted price or get one that you assemble yourself at an even deeper discount. Don’t miss out on some of the special deals that are only available in limited quantities!

More info on the Katris Nest Kickstarter page.

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