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Here’s the ultimate luxury for the luckiest of cats! The Refined Feline has designed an ultra-special version of their popular Lotus Cat Tower. This luxe version is made entirely out of clear acrylic, creating a piece of modern art that your cat can also use.

The Crystal Clear Lotus Cat Tower is being made in extremely limited quantities, in the United States by a master craftsman who specializes in bent acrylic. The result, I think, is breathtaking! I absolutely love vintage acrylic furniture so this is like a dream come true.

Now, don’t kill me when I tell you the price. Remember, here at Hauspanther we feature a full range of design for cats, from cheap cardboard scratchers to luxury cat towers, with the intent of showing you what’s possible. So, with a price tag of $5,000, the new Crystal Lotus Cat Tower is one of the most expensive items I’ve ever seen, and I am perfectly happy to ooooh and ahhhh over photos of it because I don’t think I’m getting one anytime soon.

If you have recently won the lottery, you can purchase one at

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