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Here’s a new tool to help streamline your litter scooping routine. It’s the PetFusion Portable Cat Litter Disposal Bin, a sealed container so you can scoop frequently without taking out the trash every time.

A silicone gasket seals the bin closed when you lift the handle, simply lower the handle to release and open the top. The handle is also useful for carrying the bin from one litter box to the next or to a larger trash receptacle. There’s also a silicone net inside the lid that holds a replaceable charcoal deodorizer. The silicone gasket and the charcoal deodorizer both help reduce odor between scooping.

Best of all, the PetFuision Litter Bin doesn’t not have any expensive cartridges to replace. It comes with a roll of biodegradable bags, and you can purchase more of their bags, or you can use standard trash bags. There are two ways to secure the bag to the inner basket so it stays in place while you’re scooping.

Here’s our PetFusion Litter Bin set-up with the Kitangle Corner Front Entry Covered Litter Box and the PetFusion Litter Scoop. It’s quite efficient!

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