Kitangle has brand new products and some exciting news! These litter boxes are some of our favorites because they are completely seamless inside, making for easy cleaning, simply remove the top to scoop. All Kitangle litter boxes are made of heavy duty plastic that’s UV resistant, plus now they are made in the USA!

One of the new designs is the top entry corner style litter box. This sleek box fits in the corner and allows cats to enter through the lid. Great for containing litter scatter and keeping kids and dogs out of the box. Available in black, gray and crisp white.

The other new offering is the Slope XL Kitangle. This is a larger version of their original Slope style, now measuring a generous 22.75″ deep by 15.5″ wide and 22″ tall on the high side and 19.25″ tall on the short side. The large opening is easy for cats to enter and exit, including senior cats or cats with mobility issue who may not be able to use a top entry box. The new Slope XL is available in black, gray, white, teal and beige.

The Corner Style Front Entry Kitangle is still available, now made in the USA and available in black, gray and white. All the Kitangle litter boxes can be purchased from with prices including shipping to addresses in the continental US.