As you know, I’m pretty excited about CatScapes now being available on Kickstarter, so Hauspanther and CatScapes are partnering on this special giveaway to help bring more attention to the campaign. We really want to see this product come to the market because we believe that it will truly make the lives of cats so much better! Aaron Feldman, the CatScapes CEO and founder, is completely dedicated to helping cats and is a total cat guy himself. His three cats, Annie, Arlo and Boris, were the inspiration behind CatScapes.

Win Now, Win Later!

For this giveaway, one lucky winner is going to receive a CatScapes Deluxe Kit, including shipping within the contiguous US. That’s a $699 value plus as much as $95 in shipping! Since CatScapes won’t be shipping until August 2019, we wanted the winner to have something in the meantime, so we’re also including a $50 gift card to

Please click the link below and follow the instructions on the entry form. There are ten different opportunities to enter, if you do them all you’ll increase your chances of winning! We also ask that you please share this giveaway and the CatScapes Kickstarter campaign with every cat lover you know so CatScapes can reach their goal and make these unique cat climbing shelves a reality for cats everywhere. And, of course, please consider backing the Kickstarter campaign so you can create the catscape of your dreams!

This giveaway is being sponsored by Hauspanther and CatScapes.