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Taiwan-based design studio MyZoo creates these stunning pieces of modern cat furniture, integrating clear plastic bubble pods, a popular feature in cat furniture these days! The line combines the plastic pods with light and dark wood finishes, resulting in beautiful and functional products.

The Spaceship Alpha is a cozy bed with two bubble pods for kitties to look out through. One large opening allows for easy access and four small holes create air flow. It seems like cats would love this hideaway and it would look fantastic in your living room. Available in oak or walnut finish on

The Spaceship Gamma has a single plastic pod and hangs on the wall, creating an elevated perch and lookout. Kitties enter through a large opening in the side, so you would need to position this on the wall in a location where cats can easily access the entrance. You can order with either a left-side or a right-side opening, depending on where you’re hanging it. Available in oak or walnut finish on

You can also use the Spaceship Gamma on the floor with the pod on top and entrance on the side.

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