We’ve got some special Valentine’s Day savings for you on the original Cat’s Trapeze! Save $30 on any RED trapeze now through February 14. Show your kitty how much you love her!

The Cat’s Trapeze is a suspended cat climber and lounge that provides active cats and kittens with a place to play and climb, plus a soft spot to rest. It’s the perfect way to keep cats off your furniture and curtains. Available in two-level and three-level, both with a bonus hammock that attaches below.

I’ve used the Cat’s Trapeze with foster kittens and it’s the greatest thing, they can’t get enough of it! It’s like a suspended playground that keeps them entertained for hours!

The Original Cat’s Trapeze is available for shipping to US addresses from shop.hauspanther.com. Take advantage of this special offer only through Valentine’s Day!