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You’ve probably seen your cat kneading on a blanket or a pillow, purring away and looking incredibly content. Cats learn this kneading behavior as a kitten when they paw at their mother’s belly to stimulate milk flow. It seems to be a soothing behavior that some cats continue into adulthood. This new cat bed is designed specifically to accommodate kneading behavior so kitty won’t tear up your furniture and blankets.

Introducing the BlanCat, a new invention brought to you by the folks over at CatGenie. They sent me a sample to test with my own cats and as soon as I took it out of the package I knew the cats were going to freak out over this thing, and I wasn’t wrong!

The BlanCat is made from thick, soft fleece material that’s bunched up, like a regular blanket that a cat would knead on, but it’s contained in a 16″ circle with a semi-rigid frame holding it in place. You, or your cat, can pile up the layers of fleece and kitty can go to town, kneading away and eventually settling in for a cozy nap. It’s so simple but it’s exactly what cats love. Plus it’s the perfect size to throw on any sofa, chair or bed so kitty has her own special spot. Available from

Margot enjoying her BlanCat

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