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Here’s a new litter box design with a sleek modern look and some very innovative features! Introducing Boxscoop 2.0, the 6 second litter box. Why 6 seconds? Because that’s all it takes to scoop this elegant receptacle!

The key to Boxscoop’s quick-cleaning method is this patent pending scoop. The scoop sits inside the box, off to the side, until you’re ready to clean. Simply rotate the scoop through the litter, it will hug the sides of the container scraping off any clumps and picking up solids. Dump the waste into the trash, replace the scoop and you’re done. This video shows the scoop in action and explains more about how Boxscoop was developed.

In addition to the innovative scooping mechanism, Boxscoop has a beautiful and functional form. The round shape is both elegant and smart because cats turn around in a circle inside the box, make sense? A large top entry opening makes it easy for most cats to enter and exit the box, plus they can see their surroundings when using the box.

The sturdy top can support up to 80 lbs. and it has an open grate to catch litter as cats exit the box. The top and bottom fit together securely but are easy to separate and open for cleaning.

Boxscoop launched last year and sold out of the first version immediately. The new improved version, Boxscoop 2.0, will be available on Kickstarter in January and if you sign up for their email list you will be the first to have access to the Kickstarter, which will get you 50% off the new Box Scoop!

Visit today and sign up for their email so you can be sure to get one of these beautiful new litter boxes before they sell out again!

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