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Here’s another great product from our friends over at PetFusion! It’s their new Ultimate Cat Climber & Activity Tree, a streamlined cat tower that takes up minimal space and gives cats the perfect place to climb, play and rest.

The new Ultimate Climber is for active cats and kittens who need a challenge because it encourages climbing. The tall sisal wrapped pole leads cats up through openings in the two upper platforms. This climber is not freestanding, it must be attached to the wall, but that gives it a very small footprint while also creating a stable place for cats to climb.

Assembly is fairly easy and the sisal poles can be switched around or replaced when they become worn. The dark brown faux wood finish looks good and is easy to wipe clean. Soft pads attach with velcro so they’re easy to remove for cleaning. Overall, this is a fantastic, good-looking and functional cat tower!

Here it is installed this past weekend at the La Gattara pop-up cat cafe at Phoenix Animal Behavior Center. You can see how we put it in a corner created by the wall and the armoire. This made it extra stable and the cats loved it immediately. The climber gave the cats easy access to the top of the armoire (a coveted spot in the room!) plus cats were hanging out on the climber itself all day. This tower is great for a multi-cat household!

The PetFusion Ultimate Cat Climber & Activity Tree and replacement sisal posts are available from

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