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Lots of cats prefer to drink running water. This is because, in nature, running water is less likely to be contaminated, so cats are hard-wired to search for a safe water source. There are many beautiful cat water fountains out there, but some cats are obsessed with drinking from the sink. If you don’t want to spend all day running over to the sink to turn it on for your cat, then you’re going to love this brilliant invention!

Introducing the AquaPurr, a cat drinking fountain that connects to your faucet and is motion activated, so when kitty hops up on the counter it turns on automatically, giving her a fresh flow of water to drink. You never have to fill the AquaPurr and there are no filters to clean, plus it’s easy to use the faucet without disconnecting the AquaPurr, simply turn the valve and use the faucet normally.

The AquaPurr also has decorative covers for the base of the unit to make it match your decor. The AquaPurr is available on Amazon.

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