Happy to announce that the Kitangle Covered Litter Box is now made in the USA! This attractive and sturdy litter box is made with a seamless mold for easy cleaning and it has high sides to keep litter in. It can be used with or without the lid.

Choose from two styles, the Corner Style and the Slope Style. Both are generously sized with easy access entrances. The Corner is $175 and comes in black, white or grey and the Slope is $195 and comes in brown, grey, black (coming soon) and purple. Prices include shipping to addresses in the continental US.

I know I’ve been posting some pretty pricey litter boxes lately, but this one and the SUREloo litter box are both made in the USA by small companies who do really good work. I know they are not for everyone, but if you’re looking for something that’s durable, well designed and attractive, I just want you to know you have some options.

The Kitangle litter boxes also make great hideaway cat beds. They are easy to clean and the plastic is UV protected, perfect for a porch or catio!

The new USA made Kitangle litter boxes are available from shop.hauspanther.com.