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One thing I think we can all agree on is that cats LOVE boxes. They are usually happy with any old box but don’t you want something a little nicer? Introducing the $5 Cat Box, a better box for your cat.

The $5 Cat Box starts with the perfect size box to fit cats of all sizes. Measuring 14″ by 10″ by 5″ it’s bigger than a shoebox but still cozy. One little touch that I love is the cutout so kitty can easily rest her head on the edge of the box and look around. Add an attractive geometric printed pattern on the outside of the box and you’ve got something that everyone can enjoy! Not to mention that it’s recyclable and made in the USA — bonus!

Early Birds Save 40%!

The $5 Cat Box will be launching a Kickstarter campaign next month with early bird special pricing that’s 40% off so you can grab a few of these fancy boxes for your cat to enjoy. Please visit the $5 Cat Box website and signup to receive an email notice from them as soon as the campaign launches.

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