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Hunt, stalk and POUNCE!!! Three things that cats love to do! Cats hunt to stay active in the wild, so we need to give them a way to do the same indoors. Sheer Fun for Cats is a new invention that does just that! It’s a simple but brilliant idea to help keep your cat active, stimulated and healthy.

The concept is really fantastic! Sheer Fun for Cats is a sheer fabric panel with crinkle paper trim and Velcro fasteners on two corners. Simply attach the fabric to any piece of furniture or drape it over a box, toy, bed, etc., toss a toy and watch your cat leap into action.

Cats literally go wild for this simple toy! Has your cat become bored with all his old toys? Sheer Fun for Cats can make old toys fun again. Check out this video to see how well it works:


Sheer Fun for Cats is launching now on Kickstarter and they need your support to bring this fun new toy to cats everywhere! You can save on the Sheer Fun for Cats toy set, which includes the fabric panel, Velcro strips for attaching it to furniture and a Fancy Felts cat toy to get things rolling. Bigger sets are available with even better savings. I think this is a real winner and it’s very affordable! Estimated ship date is July 2018. Visit the Sheer Fun for Cats Kickstarter page to support this project!

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