If you’re looking for a cat tree that you can easily customize to suit your needs, then make sure to check out ContempoCat! They have some really unique cat tree designs that take modularity to a new level.

The Elevation II Cat Tower is a modern tension-mounted cat tree that takes up very little floor space. Simply position platforms at various levels around the center pole to create a spiral staircase for kitty. Intersperse large platforms with smaller steps for perching and climbing. This is an elegant cat climbing solution for any home!

The newest addition to the ContempoCat family is the Elevation Jr. Cat Tree, coming in March 2018. This freestanding cat tree uses the same modular platforms as the Elevation II but it can be positioned anywhere with no floor-to-ceiling mounting.

Both the Elevation II Tower and the Elevation Jr. Tree come with your choice of either grooved platforms or inlaid carpet. Sturdy birch plywood creates a beautiful and durable finish.

In addition to the steps and platforms, you can also include a suspended feeding dish on your modular cat tree. The same modular piece can also be used as a plant holder to add a little live greenery.

Visit ContempoCat.com to see both of these fantastic cat trees and pre-order the Elevation Jr. Cat tree today!