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Do you want to drive your kitty mad (in a good way!) this holiday? Then make sure she gets one of these fun little robotic cat toys from HEXBUG. This company has been making children’s toys and executive desk accessories for years, but they recently adapted their HEXBUG technology to create some special toys just for cats.

The original HEXBUG Nano is a tiny robotic toy that vibrates and bounces around, flipping itself over and generally acting like a real bug. Cats go wild for these. Now the manufacturer has two new toys that are even more enticing for cats, the HEXBUG Robotic Mouse Cat Toy and the HEXBUG Nano Robotic Cat Toy.

The mouse is activated when kitty bats it, sending it scurrying across the floor, navigating around objects and flipping itself over as needed. The Nano Cat Toy has a fluffy tail attached to the original Nano toy, which scampers around, flipping and jittering. Both are around $10, perfect for gift giving!

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