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Are you ready for the best cat behavior book ever written? Well, hold on to your hats, because Jackson Galaxy has a brand new book coming out next week and it’s incredible!

Total Cat Mojo is Jackson’s bible of cat behavior, and it does not disappoint! In our two books, Catification and Catify To Satisfy, we covered everything to do with environmental enrichment and how cats see their world, but that’s just one piece of the puzzle. Total Cat Mojo goes much further into the world of cat behavior.

Jackson partnered with dynamo feline behavior consultant Mikel Delgado, Ph.D. to put together this comprehensive look into the cat psyche covering everything you need to know in order to live happily with your cat — all with Jackson’s signature flair and finesse.

The book thoroughly outlines the history of our feline friends and how they transitioned from what Jackson calls “The Raw Cat” into the creatures we know today. You’ll get a crash course in understanding what makes cats tick and read Jackson’s thoughts on what it means to be a cat parent.

Total Cat Mojo is packed full of incredibly useful tools, including entire chapters dedicated to the most tricky topics like excessive scratching, dealing with cats who bite, annoying behaviors, anxiety-related issues, shy cats and litter box problems. There are also sections on introducing new cats to other cats, to dogs and to new babies.

Fantastic illustrations are scattered throughout the book that both entertain and educate and keep you turning the pages for more. But I think the best part about Total Cat Mojo is that it’s truly like having Jackson come to your home for a consultation. You get his deepest insights in a very readable, enjoyable format that I guarantee you will return to time and time again. This is a must have for every cat owner, new or experienced.

Total Cat Mojo will be available on October 31, 2017. Pre-order now on Amazon and try to catch Jackson on his national book tour kicking off November 1 in Milwaukee and then heading to St. Louis, Kansas City, Phoenix, NYC, Long Island, Washington DC, Atlanta, Austin, Seattle and Portland. More info about the book tour at

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