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PetFusion has been cranking out some awesome new products lately and this one is no exception! In fact, this is a product that I’ve been thinking about designing for a while now, and they beat me to it. Luckily they did a fantastic job!

This is their new Litter Box Privacy Screen, a great option for hiding your litter box. This elegant and functional screen goes in front of your litter box, providing a visual barrier for you and privacy for your cat. It’s really the perfect design with frosted panels that allow light to pass through, sturdy hinges, and a dark stained bamboo frame.

The screen measures 4′ wide by 3′ tall, the perfect size to hide even the largest litter boxes, including automatic boxes. You can position the screen to allow access from both sides and leave plenty of space behind the screen for your cat to feel comfortable moving in and around the litter box. Here’s how it looks in my living room:

I’ve seen other small room dividers that could be used for this purpose, but none of them are quite the right size and they would be difficult to keep clean. The PetFusion Litter Screen is made specifically for use near a litter box so the plastic panels can be wiped clean and it’s light and easy to move. This is a real winner!

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