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If you haven’t tried the new BetterBox litter box from Pet Fusion, you should if you would like your life to change for the better. I only say this every once in a while, when a product is really that good, and this one is.

I’m always on the lookout for anything that will improve the litter scooping experience. Scraping solid litter clumps off the bottom of the box is just about as enjoyable as getting a root canal. OK, maybe it’s not that bad, but you get where I’m coming from. I’ve heard of people using cooking spray on the inside of their litter box to help reduce sticking, but how often are you able to totally clean the box and spray it with PAM, plus that could get a little pricey.

Enter the BetterBox. This fantastic innovation from our friends over at Pet Fusion is a roomy open litter box with a non-stick coating that really works! We’ve been testing the BetterBox for several months now and we absolutely love it! It is immediately obvious how well it reduces scraping, especially when paired with my favorite litter, the SmartCat all natural clumping litter made from grass seed. This combo has transformed the litter box scooping routine in our household!

The folks at PetFusion report that the coating is low VOC and that it meets all safety standards. The coating is bonded to the ABS plastic and is meant to withstand use with both plastic and metal scoops. So far, we’ve had no scratching of the coating and we use a heavy duty metal scoop. The non-stick feature is meant to last for an extended period of time, although it’s hard to say how long that is because it varies depending on how much use the box gets. I’ve noticed a slight reduction in the non-stick feature in over 6 months of use, so the boxes will likely have to be replaced eventually to get the best non-stick function, but they are still working very well.

I do also love the size and shape of the BetterBox. It isn’t anything fancy, but the nice rounded corners make scooping easy and the sides are higher than a standard box but the entry is low enough for kittens or elderly cats to use with ease.

Overall, I think this is a winner and it’s an important advance toward making litter box scooping a bit more bearable.

The BetterBox is available on Amazon for $33.95 for a single box or get a set of two boxes for $59.95,

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