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If you’re a design geek, like I am, then you probably worship the design of Apple products as much as I do. Well, let me show you this new line of designer cat toys that is sure to make you giddy!

Pidan Studio, based in Paris and Shanghai, designs some of the most beautiful cat toys I’ve ever laid eyes on. The modern simplicity and attention to detail is absolutely breathtaking. Each toy is packaged in an exquisite box with streamlined graphics and a magnetic closure. Opening one of these toys is an experience similar to opening an iPhone, iPad or Mac.

There are two feather wand toys that will delight both you and your cat. The Feather Wand Teaser toy (shown above) consists of a rigid wand with a wooden handle and a perfect tuft of feathers at the end. The rod is coated in a soft-touch matte white finish with a top quality threaded metal attachment on each end. One end attaches to the feathers and the other to a smooth finished solid wood handle made with the finest woodworking craftsmanship. Once the toy is assembled, it is the perfect size and weight for enticing kitty to play, and I guarantee your cat will go wild for the feathers, which can be easily replaced.

The Shake-Shake Feather Teaser toy is absolutely brilliant, in a “why didn’t I think of that” kind of way. A flexible rod attaches to a feather tuft on one end and a giant suction cup on the other end, allowing you to attach the toy to any hard surface so kitty can go bonkers over the floating feathers. As all of the Pidan Studio toys do, the Shake-Shake features matte silver details, again making these cat toys very Apple-esque.

And finally, the Rain Drop Roly-Poly Feather Cat Toy with Bell is a perfectly weighted rain drop shaped toy also with a sleek matte finish that attaches directly to the feather toy with two tiny jingle bells, creating something that looks more like a piece of modern art. Choose from pastel pink or blue ombre.

What I love most about all of the Pidan Studio toys is that they have taken the basic functionality of a cat toy and kept it in its simplest form, creating the perfect toy for cats and the ultimate example of modern design. Form truly does follow function here and the results are outstanding.

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