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The QuickSnap Replaceable Cat Scratcher is one of the most innovative cat products I’ve seen in a while! It addresses two important questions every cat owner asks when picking out a scratcher for their cat, 1) which surface does my cat prefer to scratch on? and 2) is the scratching surface easily replaceable once it is destroyed?


Cat scratchers are meant to be used, which means they have to be replaced. This design allows you to simply replace the scratching surface without throwing away the whole scratcher, saving money and space in the landfill.


Interchangeable scratching pads snap on and off the bent plywood frame, letting you choose the scratching material that your cat prefers. Replacement scratching pads come in sisal, carpet and seagrass. Surely your cat will prefer one of these over your sofa!


The QuickSnap Replaceable Cat Scratcher is an elegant modern design that includes a built in hammock below for added functionality. The hammock is also easily removable for cleaning.


They really did an excellent job with the design of this scratcher! Available now on Amazon. Replacement scratch pad also available.


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