I’d like to introduce you to The Retro Kats, a wonderful company making incredibly unique handcrafted furniture for cats. Based in Southern California and run by a cat-loving husband and wife team, The Retro Kats creates one-of-a-kind products using reclaimed materials.


Their Resting Posts, Halfpipes and Hideaways are each unique, incorporating recycled wine crates from around the world. The wine crates are combined with other reclaimed wood to build these luxurious cat trees and perches. All reclaimed wood and wine crates are handpicked, thoroughly cleaned, sanded multiple times and sealed with a non-toxic finish. They are careful to remove any splinters or sharp edges, keeping safety in mind.


Reclaimed materials are paired with the highest quality faux fur (sourced from a reputable fabric vendor – I asked!), vegan-friendly vinyl, a special cat-friendly natural sisal that’s free of chemicals, glue or other toxic substances, and, in some cases, feathers (also sourced from a reputable vendor). For those of you opposed to using feathers, all of The Retro Kats products can be made without feathers.


Some popular items include the Bow Wow Bed (shown above) a raised box bed made from reclaimed wood with a soft, reversible faux fur pillow inside.


Another popular item is the Scratcher-in-a-Box. This large sisal lined box makes the perfect cat bed and scratcher. These measure 24″ x 17″ with 4″ tall sides and have recycled wine corks and/or strips of faux fur around the inside edges — a detail that cats love!


You can also treat your cat to a luxurious 18″ x 18″ Pet Pillow or Stanley’s Pad, a reversible faux fur lounging mat measuring 24″ x 19″. Sometimes Stanley’s Pad comes with faux fur on one side and vinyl on the other side, offering both warm and cool options.


The Retro Kats just introduced a new Raised Feeder (I don’t think it’s even on their website yet.) These beautiful feeders have a frame made from recycled wine crates, stained and finished to match a hand thrown pottery dish, made exclusively for The Retro Kats. They sent us two of the first to be finished (pictured below) and I can tell you they are absolutely beautiful!


We also received a Scratcher-in-a-Box and a Stanley’s Pad, both gorgeous and top quality. As you can see, the cats approve. Please visit for more information. They are just adding an online store now, but because all of their products are unique, you can always shoot them an email to find out what they have in stock.


*FTC Disclosure: The Retro Kats sent us complimentary samples of these products for review.