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I’ve seen a few different solutions for securing your litter box in the garage, but this is the nicest yet! The new Pet Outhouse is a stylish enclosure that contains the litter box safely in the garage, allowing your cat to access it through a pet door that you install in the wall.


The enclosure itself has some really nice features. It’s made of natural wood with a clear finish and a sleek modern design. Nothing fancy here, just pure function! The wire mesh door lifts up, allowing you to use the enclosure in a small space, but still providing room inside for two or three litter boxes. A sturdy lock ensures that your cat can’t escape into the garage.




The feature that really caught my attention is the adjustable ramp. You may have to install the pet door so that it comes out into the garage higher or lower on the wall, there’s no standard really, since every house is different. Because the ramp is adjustable, you can easily change the angle to accommodate your specific configuration.


Overall, I think this is a really lovely and functional solution for those people who want to put the litter box in the garage. You can get some great deals right now by backing the Pet Outhouse Kickstarter campaign with expected delivery in February 2017. You can even get the adjustable ramp by itself. (I can think of lots of uses for this ramp!) And make sure to watch their hilarious Kickstarter video!



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