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Here’s a new product that creatively addresses a common problem plaguing lots of cat owners. The WindowKitty Cat Window Seat creates a cozy window seat for your cat that also helps keep your blinds from being destroyed. Are the photos below a familiar sight to you?


That’s exactly what the inventors of WindowKitty were trying to avoid. The solution had always been to simply open the blinds a little to let your cat look outside, but then privacy is compromised. So they created this unique, patent pending design that easily fits most standard windows.


The WindowKitty is an adjustable plastic tunnel that rests on the windowsill, including very narrow windowsills. It creates an enclosed hangout for your cat where she can look out the window. Simply adjust the blinds to rest above the tunnel, blocking a view into the room from the outside. The curved surface is meant to deter cats from jumping on top, and dangling toys inside and below the tunnel add extra entertainment.


WindowKitty can be secured to the window frame with screws, plus it has two lower supports that attach to the wall with screws. When properly mounted, WindowKitty has been tested to hold around 30 lbs. To get a better idea for how WindowKitty works, watch the installation video here.


WindowKitty adjusts to fit windows ranging from 17.5″ to 33.5″. For even wider windows, you could install two side-by-side. The kit comes with one WindowKitty, two hanging toys, a liner for inside the tunnel, all mounting hardware and instructions for $49.95 including shipping to addresses in the continental US.


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