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Check out this awesome new cat scratcher being introduced by Feline Innovations! It’s the QuickSnap Replaceable Scratcher, featuring a removable, replaceable scratching surface on top and a hammock lounger underneath. The bent wood design is really attractive and I’m guessing that cats will love the curved surface!


The scratching surface is held in place with snap buttons, making it easy to change when it becomes worn. You can choose from three different scratching surfaces: carpet, sisal or seagrass. This also allows you to experiment to find the surface that your cat likes the best. What a great idea!



The materials used to build the QuickSnap Scratcher are really top quality and make this look more like a piece of furniture or sculpture than an ordinary cat scratcher. I’d expect a scratcher like this to sell for over $100, but the QuickSnap is going to retail for just $59.99!



And here’s the really good news! Feline Innovations is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to launch the QuickSnap Scratcher and you can score some big savings! The Early Bird special gets you one scratcher with a sisal scratch pad for $25 plus shipping, or for $43 plus shipping you can get a scratcher with three scratch pads. There are other great perks for multiple scratchers and scratch pads for even bigger savings. Check out their Kickstarter page now to take advantage of the deals, and don’t wait, the campaign ends next week!



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