The Cat Litter Trapper looks like it has some great features! This mat has two layers, similar to other litter mats I’ve seen, with a perforated top layer and a solid bottom layer. Litter falls through the holes and is trapped between the layers. What makes the Cat Litter Trapper unique is a waterproof bottom layer, useful for cats that may have accidents outside the box. You can even place a puppy pad between the layers to catch urine.

This mat also opens more easily than other similar mats I’ve seen. It’s attached on one size, making it easy to open up the mat, dump out trapped liter, and even run it under the faucet.


The Cat Litter Trapper comes in three three sizes, 23″ x 21″, 30″ x 23″ and jumbo 32″ x 30″. Choose from dark grey or brown. Available from Amazon for $29.95 to $49.99.