We had a chance to give the Multi-Tiered Jute Cat Climber & Scratcher from Prevue Pet a test run and we have only good news to report! There are a lot of things I like about this product, and as you can see, the cats think it’s pretty great, too.


The best part for me is the size. If you’re looking for a multi-level climbing piece that doesn’t take up too much room, this is a good option. It’s sturdy but still easy to move, and the top level puts cats at the perfect petting height. The fabric covered padded platforms are all great for climbing and lounging and the jute wrapped poles are immediately attractive for scratching. We’ll see how well it stands up to use, but the Jute Scratching Sphere from the same collection is doing very well, and it gets constant use.

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All of the toy attachments make this climber a veritable funhouse for the cats! They love the dangling toys with feathers (not sure how long these will last, the feathers are a favorite snack at our house!) and the thick hanging rope in the middle is crazy-making. Andy would swing from it like Tarzan if he could!


Overall, I give this product an excellent rating out of the box, will report back on how it does with wear and tear.

The Multi-Tiered Jute Cat Climber & Scratcher is available from, Amazon and Overstock.