One of our favorite pet photographers, JK Blackwell of Two Guinea Pigs Pet Photography (who we’ve featured in our Cat Photography Q & A) recently acquired the most adorable teepee for her two stunning black cats and we couldn’t resist sharing the photos!


The teepee is from the Dog & Teepee Etsy shop, but don’t be turned off by the name, cats love teepees, too! Each one is handmade in the Ukraine with a wood frame, a fabric cover and comfy cushion inside. The teepees come in various sizes. It looks like the standard size is perfect for two cats who get along, although JK reports that there has been some debate about who gets exclusive use of the teepee.


See more photos of JK’s cats enjoying their teepee on her website and visit the Dog & Teepee Etsy shop to see the current styles, starting at just $59 US.