Here’s a new modular cat house system that may be one of the best I’ve seen yet! It’s the Box Kitty Ultimate Modular Cat House, launching now on Indiegogo. This system allows for tons of creative possibilities, plus it has some features that I love.


First, the boxes come in individual panels in a variety of different styles — some with large holes for entrances and passages, others with small holes for windows. You can configure the panels any way you like, allowing you to totally customize the design. The panels attach to each other with hook and loop tabs that are reusable making it easy to reconfigure.


They’ve also used an extremely sturdy cardboard that’s water resistant. This is a big plus, since if there are any “accidents” you can simply wipe them up. The cardboard is also apparently scratch resistant, so it should last much longer than other cardboard houses. The materials used to create Box Kitty don’t contain any harmful chemicals, making it safe for your cat.


The system lets you create an endless number of configurations, including towers and walkways. There are even pieces for adding an open bed on top that looks like the roof of a castle, and a pointed hideaway. Just think of the possibilities!


Special Offer for Hauspanther Readers!

We’ve arranged with Box Kitty to get you a special savings through their Indiegogo campaign! The Fortastic Set, shown below, will sell for $140US. The Indiegogo Early Bird Pricing is $100, but you can get an extra $10 off and pay just $90 for all the pieces listed below! I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these, it looks like so much fun and I know the cats will love it, too. Use the special link below to get the extra discount!

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