We’ve got some big news! This week we’re introducing our brand new line of cat furniture at the Global Pet Expo trade show in Orlando! It’s not yet available for sale, but I wanted you to have the first look at it.


The Hauspanther Collection is a collaboration with our friends over at Primetime Petz. The collection includes four pieces all designed by yours truly with you and your cats in mind.


First, we have Catchall, a multi-function wall-mounted cat scratcher and perch with a plush toy below and toy storage inside. I tried to pack as many features into this one as I could! The perch surface is covered with a thick felt pad and the scratching surface has a top-quality replaceable sisal scratch pad.


Next we have two wall-mounted cat perches, the Step Perch with a vertical sisal scratching pad and a hanging toy, and the Nest Perch with two small steps on the sides, a sunken lounge surface in the middle and two dangling plush toys. Both have the same thick felt pads as the Catchall.


And finally, the Cubitat multi-level cat bed offers two lounge surfaces, one below that’s more like a hideaway and another above that’s a raised lookout. Openings on four sides give cats access from all angles, preventing ambushes. This one also has thick felt pads on both lounge surfaces.


We are planning to offer the collection in white with grey felt pads and espresso with beige pads, as pictured above. This furniture was carefully designed by me and is being manufactured by Primetime Petz in China, a different approach from my usual Made in the USA line of cat toys, but the goal was to make it affordable — and I think we have with projected prices ranging from $49.99 to $69.99!

The Hauspanter Collection will be shown for the first time this week at the Global Pet Expo trade show in Orlando. If you’re attending the show, please stop by the Primetime Petz booth #4759 to see it in person and give us your feedback.

For those of you at home, please leave a comment here and let us know what you think. We’d love to get your opinion on the two color choices and the prices, as well as any other feedback you might have. We’ll have more info about availability in a few weeks and you’ll have a chance to be the first to purchase as soon as it’s available. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!