Great news! The original Cat’s Trapeze from The Netherlands is back in stock and shipping to the US & Canada! Plus, there are all new colors and fabrics to choose from!


This unique suspended cat bed and climber is perfect for active cats and kittens, giving them something to climb other than your curtains. The Cat’s Trapeze hangs from a ceiling- or wall-mounted hook and comes with a bonus hammock that hangs underneath.

Choose from heavy duty cotton canvas or natural jute fabric. The cotton has a more refined look while the jute has a more open weave, allowing cats to really sink their claws in. This is the first time the jute has been available in the US and Canada. The cotton trapeze can be machine washed and air dried and the jute trapeze can be spot cleaned or hand washed and air dried.


The Cat’s Trapeze comes in two sizes: 2-pillow or 3-pillow. The trapeze cover comes by itself without inner stuffing. You can stuff it yourself, or get inner pillows that are made especially for the trapeze.

Choose from natural, white, brown or red in cotton or white, brown, red, black or grey in jute. The 2-pillow trapeze without inner pillows is $95 US and the 3-pillow trapeze is $115, both plus shipping. Inner pillows are $15 for 2 pillow and $20 for 3 pillow, plus shipping. Available for shipping to US and Canadian address from

For orders in other countries, please visit