Here’s an item that I think needs to be in every kitty’s stocking this holiday! The Groom Genie is actually playing a very special role in our home these days. My precious Ando is having kidney issues and he needs to get fluids every other day (he’s doing great with the fluids and other meds and he actually looks very good!) Ando LOVES the Groom Genie SO MUCH, he always comes running when we bring it out, so we have a little routine. We give him some brushes with the Groom Genie then we put him on a little shelf where we administer the fluids and one of us brushes him while the other holds the fluid bag. He purrs while he gets his treatment and then we give him lots of brushing after. It makes administering fluids much more bearable for all of us.

The Groom Genie is such an important part of the process, I don’t know what we’d do without it. He must love the way it makes him feel, plus it seems to calm him. We make sure to brush him at other times when he’s not getting fluids so he doesn’t just associate it with the treatment, so instead he sees it as a great thing. I can’t recommend this little tool enough! We use the Teeny Groom Genie, it’s the best size for cats.


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