Who better to spend Halloween with than Outlaw Kitty herself! She’s a sexy cat with attitude, created by metal artist Jon WATTO Watson, and I consider her to be the mascot for the new generation of cat lady!


We just added several new Outlaw Kitty creations to the Hauspanther online shop! Check out these awesome belt buckles, all hand crafted from heavy gauge steel. Choose from three different styles, the basic Outlaw Kitty Belt Buckle for $35; the Square Outlaw Kitty Belt Buckle for $50; or the Deluxe Outlaw Kitty Belt Buckle for $65. All will definitely make a fashion statement! (Buckle only, belt not included.)


There’s also a new Outlaw Kitty Mini Charm Necklace, a smaller version of the popular Outlaw Kitty Charm with Gunmetal Chain (which I wear all the time!) The mini charm is cut from lighter gauge stainless steel and comes with your choice of stainless steel snake chain or rope chain for $35.


Add a little pizazz to your wardrobe with the Outlaw Kitty Women’s V-neck T-shirt in raspberry or black for $28, or grab a classic Men’s T-shirt in black with a smaller logo on the sleeve for $24.


And finally, here’s some Outlaw Kitty for your home! These Metal Wall Hooks come as single or double hooks. Perfect for hanging keys, purses, coats and more. $20 for the single hook, $24 for the double.



These new Outlaw Kitty items and more available at shop.hauspanther.com.