Here’s a fun new line of functional and attractive cat scratchers from Prevue Pet. This collection is made with jute rope, which creates a durable and satisfying scratching surface and has a natural, eco-friendly look. There are several styles to choose from so you can find something that both you and your cat will love.


My favorite is the Jute Scratching Sphere. This is one of the most unique rope scratchers I’ve ever seen and I know it will be a hit with the kitties! A feather toy attached to the top entices kitty to play and scratch and the sturdy base makes it stable enough for climbing and jumping, too. The sphere measures 11″ and the base is 11 3/4″.


You can also choose from a variety of different vertical scratchers: round, square and flat. The round and square scratchers come in two heights ranging from 21 5/8″ to 31 3/4″ and the flat scratcher is a generous 32 3/8″ tall. All styles have sturdy bases and matching end caps, giving these pieces the look of fine furniture.


There are also a few styles that serve as both scratchers and perches. The round post with perch comes in two sizes and the multi-tiered scratcher and climber has several perching platforms and multiple scratching posts.


All of the Prevue Pet jute scratchers and climbers are now available from the Hauspanther online store with prices including shipping to US addresses. You can also find good deals on some of the Prevue Pet items at Amazon, and Overstock.