One of the keys to finding the right scratcher for your cat is determining the angle that he or she prefers to scratch on. This used to mean buying several different scratchers until you found the one, but Jed Crystal, the brilliant designer behind the Hepper modern pet product line, has made this task easier.

Hepper’s Hi-Lo Multi-Position Modern Cardboard Cat Scratcher allows you to reconfigure the angle of the scratcher to accommodate your cat’s preference. The scratcher can be used in five different configurations, allowing for more vertical or more horizontal positions. Brilliant!


Here Andy demonstrates the high position, showing the stability of the Hi-Lo in this configuration. It’s really a great piece of design, extremely functional with clean modern styling, I absolutely love it and so do the cats!


The metal legs are really easy to install and re-position, plus I love the non-slip grips on the corners, they keep the scratcher from moving when the cats use it and they prevent the legs from scratching the floor.

If your cat’s not picky about the angle, you can reconfigure the scratcher to keep your cat from getting bored, plus this will extend the life of the cardboard by allowing your cat to use every side.

. . .

The Hepper Hi-Lo Scratcher is available from shop.hauspanther.com for $70 including shipping to US addresses.