If you’re looking to add cat climbing shelves to your home, then consider these beauties from one of my long-time favorite modern cat furniture companies, Square Cat Habitat. Everything this company makes is well-designed and top-notch quality, I highly recommend them.


Square Cat Habitat has three styles of wall-mounted cat perches and shelves. The Fremont Perch is the largest, measuring 26″ wide by 13″ deep. This is perfect for creating a luxurious lounging surface under a window or anywhere on your cat superhighway. The Burnside Perch is slightly smaller, measuring 23″ wide by 9.5″ deep, also great for perching and lounging, but better for spaces where you need a more shallow shelf. And finally, the Hawthorne Step is a 9″ by 9″ square that makes a perfect step in between the larger shelves. Use these to create a traffic flow on your superhighway or to connect between surfaces.


These steps and perches are mounted the the wall with a unique design that is incredibly sturdy and that hides all of the hardware. When mounted properly, each shelf can hold up to 50 lbs.


All of the Square Cat Habitat steps and perches have replaceable carpet inserts that are recessed in the top. The carpet makes a great scratching surface, plus it prevents kitty from slipping off as she races across the shelves. The inserts are available in a wide variety of colors in plush or mohair. Choose from black or while laminate or natural or amber bamboo for the finish.

See all the options at SquareCatHabitat.com.